Questions we get asked, and the answers we give.
What do you mean by accreditations and facilities?
Accreditations and facilities are a great way of making sure your users know what services suppliers can provide and what qualifications they have. You customise these to suit your directory.

Examples of Accreditations are:
  • Licenses, such as Adventure Activities Licensing Authority, Alcohol licensing.
  • Health, safety and hygiene certificates
  • CRB checks
  • Union and other group memberships
  • Professional and legal qualifications
Examples of Facilities are:
  • Access and accessibility, such as ramps, lifts or accessible toilets
  • Internet access, be it wifi or 3G coverage
  • Parking, travel, train lines
  • Food preparation areas, kitchen, eating areas
  • Meeting rooms, dance floors, conference rooms, and other spaces
  • Specialist equipment including PA systems and sports equipment
  • Sports training equipment
… anything else you like
If it's hosted in the cloud, how can I access my data?
It's your data, so use it as you need to. We know that you'll need to export your data for backups, for batch processing and for sharing with partners. That's why we've created fully customisable exports that you can export all organisations and services.
How can you ensure the quality of the entries in the directory?
Keeping data current is important, but that means different things for different people. You can customise how often service providers are prompted to update their details and how long until their service is delisted. Built into the system are customisable reminders that can send out reminders to your listings, and also flag up on admin screens should you want to give them a friendly reminder call.
How do I promote this to service providers? What's in it for them?
The opportunity: Promote your services in a directory of quality assured service providers and thereby get more visitors, users and customers to your service. Use your brand: add your logo, add high quality cover photos and images to show people what you offer. It's a perfect place to display your accreditations, to a captive audience who are actively looking for your services. Setup takes minutes and maintenance is minimal - we tell you when to update your listings, meaning your details are always current. We'll let you add a link directly to your website and contact details which (in case you're interested) improves your SEO. We can also link to your social media accounts. We never share your private details with any third party.
Summarise the key benefits...
  • Better serve the people in your community
  • Service providers benefit from a relevant listing
  • Your community has better access to the services on offer.
  • Fully managed, kept up to date minimal management.
  • Great for SEO
  • Promotes you as an authority on the contents of your directory.