Provides access to geo-relevant services on all devices. Your users depend on up to date trusted information,
your community will thrive.
Hosted and managed on world leading cloud platform meaning there's next to nothing for your
IT staff to think about.
Works standalone, or within your existing system, fully customisable across sectors and languages. Perfect for the effective provision of decentralised services.
Accessible Everywhere
Cloud Managed
Extremely Flexible
Built for effective service delivery
An online directory service that looks after itself.
Always correct and up to date
There are plenty of people and organisations offering local relevant services, and even more people looking for them.
Like Search, just better.
Traditional search works ok for people looking for larger nationwide businesses but is far from ideal when trying to find the best local individual or smaller organisation like many of those who offer localised services. Our system levels the playing field. In fact organisations on don't even need a website.
Trusted Results
Organisations and services register and maintain their own directory listings in order to maintain accuracy and reliability. Registration is straightforward and we are also able to migrate existing systems to ease the transition. Accreditations can be easily presented and referenced. Results are always relevant.
All present and correct
Delivered as a white label product the platform is especially suited to County Councils, National Organisations, Membership Services, Health care providers, the NHS, Social care providers, Voluntary organisations. Fitness, Schools, Universities, Institutes, Contract workforce management, Intranets and many more. Organisations and services register and maintain their own directory listings in order to maintain accuracy and reliability. Thereby ensuring dependable data that your users can rely on.
For You
For Organisations
For Users
What are the benefits?
Google's great for search…
if you happen to be looking for a website. offers several obvious benefits over search engines such as:

  • Organisations and service providers are guided to provide high quality listings
  • We make sure the info is all tickety-boo - an essential aspect of keeping trust in your users.
  • Accreditations which automatically expire show users which services have the qualifications to provide the services they are advertising
  • The visual design is clean, focused and easy to use removing all clutter and confusion for the user
  • Data is stored on custom, secure cloud environment for security and reliability

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